Studio A is the largest recording studio in the country. The space is designed to allow versatility and can be adjusted to your specific needs. It can accommodate up to 40 musicians, and is equipped with partitions that enable us to fit the room to your specific recording requirements. In addition to the large room, Studio A contains 2 smaller isolated rooms, both visually connected to the control room..

The room's acoustics are adjustable to fit your every need. It contains a motored ceiling with custom diffusers, at a variable height of 2.8 to 6.3 meters (9.1 to 20.6 feet), as well as rotatable absorptive/reflective wall panels, giving you maximum control over the sound of your recording.


Studio A is fully equipped with the best gear, like our NEVE VR60 Console, a Pro Tools HD recording system, an analog STUDER A80 tape machine and the best vintage outboard gear. We also offer a Steinway-D piano, a Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes and other instruments for your use. 

For a full list of our equipment, press here.

The experience of recording in Studio A is complete with a complimentary artists' lounge, which offers a bird's-eye view of the recording room, and a balcony. For your convenience, the room comes furnished with an LCD TV, mini Mac, and a stereo system connected to the control room. This  can also be used as an additional recording room .