Neve VR-P 60 Channel In-line Console With Full Recall.
Equipped With P&G Motorized Faders & Martin Sound Flying Faders II Automation.
Optional HUI configuration (Up To 32 Channels) as DAW Controller.

Audio Monitoring - Stereo

Quested Custom Q212 Tri-Amped Soffit mounted
Quested Custom QSB18 Sub-woofer x 2
Quested H108 near fields -  Powered by EV CP1200 Amp
Yamaha NS10M near fields - Powered by EV CP1200 Amp

Audio Monitoring - Surround

Quested Custom Q212 Tri-Amped Soffit mounted
Quested Custom QSB18 Sub-woofer x 2
Quested Custom Q112 Bi-Amped - Center
Quested VS3110 - Surround Back
XTA DP448 Processor
XTA/Quested SM748 Processor
Audient ASP 510 Surround Sound Controller

Studio Loudspeakers

Dynacord D8 Powered By EV Q44 Amp

Audio Recorders

Studer A80 2" Tape Machine
Apple Macintosh Mac-Pro Dual Quad Core 2 x 2.26 GHz Intel Xeon
Digidesign PCI-E HD3 Accel
Digidesign 192 I/O   x  3  24 in 48 out
Digidesign 888 24  x  2  For 40 In 64 out at up to 48Khz
Fostex CR500 CD Player/Recorder
*Cranesong HEDD 192 A/D/A


Pro-tools HD 10
Martin Sound Flying Fader II
*Waves Mercury Plug-in Pack
*Waves Diamond Plug-In Pack
McDsp Emerald Bundle
McDsp Retro Bundle
McDsp Classic Bundle
*Soundtoys Native Bundle
*Soundtoys Devil-Loc
*Slate Digital Trigger
*Slate Digital FG-X
*Slate Digital SSD
*Slate Digital VCC
*Slate Digital VTM
*Waves Diamond Plug-In Pack
*Waves Diamond Plug-In Pack
*Digidesign X-Form TC/E and Pitch shifter
*Melodyne Editor
*Drumagog 5
*SyncroArts VocAlign 4

Audio Playback

Fostex CR500 CD Player/Recorder
Arcam DV29 DVD Player


Digidesign Sync HD
Apogee Big Ben studio clock
Motu Micro-Lite Midi Interface
Digidesign Midi I/O


Kramer VP_8 8x8 Video Matrix
Optoma HD20 DLP Projector
Acoustically Transparent Scroll-down Screen



Urei LA4  x  2
Urei 1176 LN  x  2
FMR Audio RNC Stereo Compressor 1773  x  1
Neve Stereo Bus-Compressor 33609C  x  1
Chandler limited Abbey Road EMI TG12
Lexicon PCM42
Lexicon 480L
Lexicon PCM70
Lexicon PCM81
Eventide 3000
Yamaha spx90
*API 312 Preamp
*Teletronix LA-2 Compressor


Four Independent Stereo Cue Mixes
Eight Bus Personal Mixers  x  4

*Requires reservation


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