Pluto Studios was founded in 2002 as a small studio and rehearsal room. Over the years we became a leading production studio, and creative meeting place for local musicians. In 2010 we moved to our current location, a large four-story complex which serves as Israel’s largest studio, and the center of the local music industry. With seven, world-class studios, the highest technical standards, we are here for you, at every step of the music production process. Pre-production, recording large or small ensembles, overdubs, editing, mixing and/or mastering.

In 2011 we opened the Pluto School of Sound Design and Production, in collaboration with Shenkar College. As the only local school which inhabits a professional studio environment, we have become Israel’s leading institution for studying the art of recording.

Over the years, many of the defining songs of Israeli pop culture have been recorded here. You can hear a few examples here.

The Studios

7 recording and production studios, of the highest quality. Suitable for a wide range of needs, and equipped with the best gear available: The legendary Neve VR recording console, Steinway D grand piano, Hammond B3 organ, Fender Rhodes, Quested monitoring system. And above all, Pluto’s professional and obliging staff.

The studios were designed with care and sensitivity, as was the whole building, by architect Lior Tsionov, and Israel’s top acoustic designer Dudu Huja. Great emphasis was put on both acoustics and aesthetics, as well as all the highest technical demands of modern recording and music production.

Studio A is the most spacious in the complex. Suitable live recording, tracking or filming a video. Anything from a four piece band to a full orchestra, including drums, piano, choir, strings, horns etc. Studio B is perfect for overdubs, editing, mixing or mastering in a more intimate setting. Four additional studios are rented out to some of Israel’s top producers and sound engineers, and on the rooftop, another studio for the use of our students.

We invite you to enjoy the facility and help you turn your musical vision into reality.

College of Sound Engineering and Production

Pluto Studios College of Sound Engineering and Production, in association with Shenkar College of Design, was born of a great love for the art of making and recording music, and a sincere desire pass on our knowledge to the next generation of engineers and producers. The school is situated in Israel’s largest music production complex. It is here where students can get hands-on experience, participating in real-life sessions as part of their training.

In order to prepare students for a successful career in the field of music production and recording, we have invested a great deal of thought in building a classroom of the highest technical and esthetic standards. Our program was carefully created in order to give students a clear understanding of the technology and techniques available, under the guidance of some of Israel’s top professionals.

It is important to us that our students fully utilize their time here, and ensure a nurturing environment for studying and gaining hands-on experience. Hence the relatively group of 19 students which assures a personal relationship for each student, at his pace and specific needs. We can confidently say our facility, staff and study program is the perfect framework to hone your skills and knowledge, in preparation for a fulfilling career in the field of sound and music production.

We invite you to join us in our love for creating music, and become part of Pluto Studios. We are here to provide any information. Give us a call, or better yet, set up an appointment and come see for yourself.

Our Program


Who it’s for

Our program was created for people who wish to find a place in the industry, in Israel or abroad, as sound engineers, music producers, or artists. Whether in music, film, television, or online media. People who like knowing how the technology works, and how to use it, experimenting, problem solving, and being part of the creative process. No prior knowledge is needed, only a desire to turn your love into a profession.

About the Course

Our course runs two years. Each year is comprised of 62 meetings, of 6 hours each. In addition there are approximately 350 hours of practice time in the school studio, both alone as well as instructed. A new class opens every year in October or November. The lessons are on Mondays and Wednesdays. Upon finishing the program, each graduate will receive a certificate of completion from Pluto Studios and Shenkar College of Design.

Scholarships are available based on academic excellence, as well as job placement.

The Classroom and Studio

Our classroom is equipped with personal Mac Mini computers, and MIDI keybpard controllers. The class studio includes a medium-sized isolation booth, 32 channel Amec Einstein Super E recording console, various microphones, a drum kit, plus all the softwares and plug-ins that we teach in the course. This includes Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Melodyne, Softube, Slate Digital and Soundtoys bundles. All of this is at the students disposal for learning and practicing their craft.

In addition to regular classes and practice sessions, there are several workshops a year in the larger Studio A, including the famous Neve VR mixing board and large variety of high-end microphones. Studio A is also utilized by the students for their final project at the end of year two of our program.

The Study Program

Our two year program is based on an understanding and implementation of the different elements of the production process. We believe the best way to learn is through doing. This is why all the theoretical knowledge is followed by practical workshops, which give the students an opportunity to gain experience putting their knowledge to actual use. These workshops are on a wide range of topics, with various experts who will share their knowledge and experience from the real world. Students gain hands-on experience with the best gear, and best people in the field. We hope you will use this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and development.

Our goal at the end of your studies is to give you the ability, and the knowledge, to accompany an artist or client on their creative journey, or to take a journey of your own. From recording demos, to recording a whole band, editing, mixing, and mastering of a project, as well as taking care of engineering live shows or presentations.

Year One

During the first year, our students learn the theoretical and technological basis of sound engineering, with an emphasis on practical experience. The fundamentals of recording, such as understanding signal flow, how the gear works, using DAWs such as Pro Tools, workshops in the main studio and recording in different environments.

Some of the courses in year one: The Technology of Sound, Pro Tools, Recording in the Analog Studio, Recording Acoustic Ensembles, MIDI Production, Live Sound, Recording Outdoors, Music Production Workshops, Recording Drums Workshop, Personal Recording Project.

Year Two

During the second year, our students broaden their understanding, and gain more experience, while also widening the range of subjects. We study mixing and mastering, through examples and exercises, learn new tools and softwares such as Ableton Live, while deepening the technical knowledge of electronics, learning how to build and repair equipment. Different fields are explored, such as post-production, sound for film and television, creating music and soundtrack for games, and new media.

Some of the courses in year two: Recording in the Digital Studio, Mixing, Mastering, Ableton Live, Electronic Production with Cubase, Electronics and Building Audio Equipment, Music Production and Editing for Picture, Mix for Picture, Post Production, Sound Design for Games, Acoustic Design, Music Production Workshops, Final Project.

Our Teachers

Alex Zborowski - Academic DirectorAlex Zborowski – Academic Director

Alex has over 15 years experience teaching both sound and electronics, having trained hundreds of sound engineers. An expert in building and repairing gear, along with Gadi Finegold, Alex is co-creator of the program. Alex teaches: The Technology of Sound, Recording Acoustic Ensembles, Electronics and Building Audio Equipment.

Simon WinestockSimon Winestock

Israel’s most accomplished mix engineer, with experience spanning nearly four decades of studio work. Among the many artists Simon has worked with: David Bowie, Sting, Tears for Fears, Shlomo Artzi, Yehuda Poliker, Shalom Hanoch and many many more… Simon Teaches: Recording in the Digital Studio and Advanced Mixing Workshop.

Gadi Finegold, Owner and founderGadi Finegold

Owner and founder of Pluto Studios, and Pluto College of Sound Engineering and Production, and resident producer. Gadi has over 20 years experience as musician, producer, arranger, singer, songwriter, actor and playwright, as well as an in-depth knowledge of various musical styles and genres. Gadi teaches music production.

Gadi Finegold  Owner and founderShai Sivan

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Shai says his job is “converting artists’ dreams into soundwaves”. In the past 15 years he has recorded and mixed projects ranging from the alternative fringe to the mainstream of Israeli pop. Among the artists he has worked with: Shlomo Artzi, Aviv Geffen, Yishai Ribo, Shlomi Shabat, Dudu Tassa, Mosh Ben-Ari, Eyal Golan and Amir Dadon, as well as telivision shows such as “The Voice – Israel” for which he worked for 4 years.

Besides being working as a freelance engineer at Pluto, he also works with various other studios in israel. Shai teaches Pro Tools.

Noam LevinbergNoam Levinberg

Young yet very experienced, Noam began working as a professional sound engineer at a very early age. As he guides you through the intricate world of mixing and the art of live sound engineering. His track record includes managing an international recording studio in India, being an in-house engineer at Pluto, and a successful career as a freelance sound engineer, specializing in mixing. Noam combines sensitivity, talent, taste and experience in all aspects of audio engineering. Among the artists he has worked with in his career: Rami Fortis, Riff Cohen, Mika Sade, Idan Raichel, Tatran, Liran Danino, Lior Narkis, and many more…

Noam teaches mixing.

Michael Ebbo, Currently a senior technical director at Galey TzahalMichael Ebbo

Currently a senior technical director at Galey Tzahal (IDF Radio). Formerly the manager of “The Box” – a post production studio, as well as chief sound engineer for an animated TV show. Michael has rich experience in designing sound for film, TV, commercials and the web. He has worked on large campaigns for clients such as Nike and Bank Leumi.

Well known and loved for his contagious smile and his personal approach to his students, Michael teaches Post Production.

Niv CohenNiv Cohen

Owner and resident producer at Knob Studio, and member of the electro-house duo that shares the same name. Niv specializes in an up-to-date electronic sound, creating original material and producing, as well as doing work for TV, commercials, film and new media. Niv teaches MIDI production.

Gilad Vital - Singer-songwriter, producer and educatorGilad Vital

Singer-songwriter, producer and educator. A member of cult band “The Fools of Prophecy”, and currently one half of the duo “Shimon and Levy”. Has worked with Berry Sakharof, Mickey Shaviv, Arcadi Duchin, Jetfire, Michael Greilsammer, Meir Banay and Ehud Banai. Gilad teaches Music Production Workshop.

Or Bahir - 15 years experience in sound and productionOr Bahir

Or has 15 years experience in sound and production, as well as being a leading session and live guitarist in the local Indie scene. Artists with whom he has worked include: Omer Netzer, Yarina Caspi, Amit Erez, Eatliz and more.

Bentsi Gafni - A veteran bassist and producer, with over 30 years experienceBentsi Gafni

A veteran bassist and producer, with over 30 years experience. An original member of the band Esta, and Rami Kleinstein and the Council. Over the years Bentsi has worked with established stars such as Arik Einstein, Gali Atari, Korin Alal, Yehudith Ravitz, Arik Sinai, as well as many young up and coming artists.

Erez Caspi - an experienced mix and mastering engineerErez Caspi

Owner and chief engineer of Bardo Studios, Erez is an experienced mix and mastering engineer, as well as teacher. Among the artists with whom he has worked: Ehud Banai, Boaz Sharabi, Meir Banai, Evyatar Banai, Shalom Hanoch, Din Din Aviv, Rita, Orphaned Land, Metropolin and more. Erez Teaches Mastering.

Dudu Huja

Israel’s leading acoustics expert, Dudu has designed and built most of Israel’s leading studios, first and foremost Pluto Studios, and the classroom in which we conduct our studies. Dudu reveals the secrets of acoustic design including: techniques for measuring sound, designing spaces, portable and fixed elements, functionality, esthetics, and creative environments. Dudu teaches acoustic design.

Dror Shiman - Musician, producer and sound designerDror Shiman

Musician, producer and sound designer. Studied both sound engineering and music at Sapir College, then studied composing for multimedia in Hamburg, Germany. Dror has been a composer for theatre and dance since the age of 19, then a freelance composer and soundtrack designer. His work includes TV, commercials, video art, and both live action and animated films. He has taught sound design since 2012. Dror teaches Music Production and Editing for Picture and Mix for Picture.


Recording your project starts long before the actual session. Advance planning and guidance are crucial to realization of your musical vision. We are here to help you make the most of your studio time, whether it’s technical preparation, planning a timetable, finding musicians, photography and filming, and whatever else you may need.

Furthermore, our staff is on hand to take care of your every need so that you are free to focus on the creative process. The facility includes lockers for storing your equipment, a shower, and free parking for our clients, as well as safe bicycle storage. We also have a store on hand for all the little things that musicians need: guitar strings, power supplies, hard drives etc. All of this in a beautiful building with a large inviting lobby, sunny rooftop, and artists’ lounge for the ultimate all-around creative experience.


Sometimes, all we need is that one person, who can help us get the most out of ourselves. An experienced, objective ear, to put things in order, and lead us through the creative process.  For this reason, we have created our production department, headed by Gadi Finegold, owner and founder of Pluto Studios, an experienced musician, producer, songwriter and artist.

During the production process, your producer will evaluate with you your repertoire, your goals, and how to go about achieving them. From pre-production, all the way through to mastering. We invite you to schedule a free appointment for consultation.


The key to getting the sound you want lies in getting the best possible sources. Once you have great sounding tracks you can easily continue at home or elsewhere, refining the arrangement and mix. A high quality recording makes the rest of the process easier and more flexible. For more information on the technical aspects of each studio click here (קישור לדף the studios)


In today’s recording industry, more time than ever before is spent refining the performance after the fact. In fact, much more time is usually spent on editing, pitch correction, beat-detective etc., than the time it takes to record the tracks. With the help of a good editor, you can get a perfect performance even when the playing is less than perfect.


You bring us your best, and we’ll make the most out of it. Whether a single, or an entire album. Our mixing rooms include premium equipment and acoustics, including our famous Neve VR desk, the only such console in Israel.

Our mix engineers are experienced, with a long list of credits to their names.


This is the final stage of production, where our mastering engineer Barak Yechezkeli puts the finishing touches on your music, making it a finished product. The goal is to achieve a uniform sound for the entire project, adjusting the EQ and loudness of each track, and setting the gaps between tracks, so as to achieve the best results no matter where, and on what it is played.


Pluto Studios is a great location for shooting videos, either of a live performance, or a previously recorded one. Check out a few of the many videos, tv shows, and commercials which have been filmed here in recent years.

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